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HIB55706bCHILDREN VOL.9HIBOUOnly For The Musical World Of KidsView CD
HIB55720hINTERNATIONAL MIDDLE EAST VOL.2HIBOUOriental Melodic Musics With Percussions View CD
M4P419SENSUALMUSIC4PRODance & FashionView CD
SMI364EASY LIVINGSTOCKMUSICA superb collection of versatile easy listening tracks that will suit thought provoking visuals. Ideal as background music for lifestyle, nature and travel programmes.View CD
HIB55716bEMOTIONS VOL.8HIBOUEvocative And Dreamy Musical EmotionsView CD
SMI369SOLO PIANOSTOCKMUSICAdd style and substance to your production music library with this acoustic collection of evocative solo piano tunes with melodies to suit any scene from carefree/happy-go-lucky to drama, crime, unrequited love or tragedy. All tracks played on a Steinway piano.View CD
MML149COMMERCIAL CUTS 6MEDIATRACKSFeelgood positive advertising lifestyle shorts.View CD
M4P428TV FILMMUSIC4PROOn TelevisionView CD
HIB55731bSUNNY ISLANDS FIESTA VOL.4HIBOUAmbience And Rhythm Of The Sunny IslandsView CD
MML152SONGS FOR LIFEMEDIATRACKSFresh contemporary pop songs.View CD
SMI368WORLD BEATSSTOCKMUSICGive your multimedia project worldly sophistication with this collection of world-conscious grooves and melodies from across the globe. All tracks have a 'world sound' combining traditional sounds with contemporary arrangements thus creating a new sound.View CD
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09/11 Our hottest new release is The Magic of Hits. Contemporary modern tracks inspired by the likes of Lost Frequencies, Avicii, Pharrell and Daft Punk. It's an infectious and hypnotizing collection with a strong focus on pop-friendly chart music, future house, EDM, dance and bass heavy rap. Also s ...

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11/05 The Magic of EDM - HDCD1389 For years now, Electronic Dance Music (also known as EDM) has been growing bigger and bigger, and has long since made the jump into mainstream radio. This is a collection of sophisticated EDM tracks characterized by sweet melodies that immediately get stuck in your head ...

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21/04 Latest release from one of our labels - Stock Music. SMI 378 If your project needs a creative, individualistic and energetic feel with a touch of alternative charm, this selection of Indie Pop tracks will fit the bill. Postive, melodic, angst-free and with infectious jangling guitars and innovative ...

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09/04 AMP, our royalty free label, have released three new albums: AMP066 Positive drive 14 AMP067 Medium industrials 9 AMP068 Atmospheres and moods 7 (cinematics) AMP are a royalty free catalogue for when budgets are tighter or your discover less money available for music in your production. Please con ...

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07/04 Starting today!! hurray ...

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29/01 Are you a documentary or film maker? Perhaps you are always searching for the perfect music to create atmosphere, pace, drama and mood for your production. Dennis Music are delighted to announce a brand new series of CD's produced with you in mind. Documentary Tools is a series of 8 CD ...

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12/01 We are delighted to introduce our latest release from Dennis Music - a CD containing 99 concise tracks suitable for all types of productions, and featuring intros, bridges and endings. Every song has a start, a middle and an end. We have made life easy for you by offering these short tracks ...

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26/11 Welcome to the third in our series showcasing some of Dennis Music’s most creative and popular composers. We are delighted to introduce the illustrious Dutch composer Wouter van Bemmel.   Wouter began his career as a trumpet player and then as part of pop, salsa and jazz bands. His compos ...

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10/11 Mediatracks have released three new CDs including the 9th Commercial Cuts CD, perfect for advertising with inspirational lifestyle, contemporary and confident tracks. The other two CD's are Real Lives featuring guitar and piano themes and Hyperaction, a pumping CD of adrenalin driven sports act ...

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20/10 Check out our latest album release - Jerusalem. It is a moving, religious, latin plainsong to pop. It will leave you emotional and uplifted.  It includes the celebrated track Agnus Dei which spent weeks in the charts in the Netherlands - in its 20 minute entirety! Perfect for films and a ...

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